SLIQ (adj. \slēk\), a powerful, cloud-based diagnostics and performance improvement tool that provides IT Solution Providers with individualized, highly prescriptive, step-by-step plans to increase growth, profit margin and service quality.

SLIQ diagnoses your current Operational Maturity Level within the five functional areas of Strategy, Finance, Sales, Service, and Compensation. Advancing in these Traits is the key to optimizing growth, profitability and shareholder value.

SLIQ then creates a detailed, prioritized progression plan unique to your firm to map the fastest route to maximum profitability and guide your progress every step of the way to improved operational maturity and progressively to Best-in-Class results.

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Peer Groups + SLIQ

Service Leadership Index® OML Progression Peer Groups are powerful, advanced small groups designed to drive operational maturity through expert facilitation, accountability and best practices in a confidential community of non-competing Solution Provider firms. Peer Group membership includes quarterly individual benchmarking with expert feedback on your results, quarterly group meetings, SLIQ and the exclusive Service Leadership Index® Annual Solution Provider Industry Profitability Report at no additional charge.

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Executive Coaching + SLIQ 

Quarterly one-on-one coaching sessions with a Service Leadership senior advisor designed to help leverage the results of your individual, private quarterly benchmark and SLIQ subscription to drive performance improvement. Additional benefits include the exclusive Service Leadership Index® Annual Solution Provider Industry Profitability Report at no additional charge.

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Consulting Services

Service Leadership’s high-impact consulting services are designed to help management teams push through the obstacles inherent to strategic planning, value creation, compensation planning, service offering design and other performance improvement initiatives, as well as more dynamic situations like a turn-around or integration of a new acquisition.

Service Leadership’s unique business model—as the only Solution Provider consulting firm that ties business consulting to true market valuations—means our clients get real, market-tested advice and insight which results in measurable improvements in cash flow and stock value. No other SP/MSP consulting firm can do this, because no other firm has the same in-the-trenches operational background.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Each economic cycle offers fresh ways to maximize shareholder value. There are many reasons why SP/MSP owners and executives need to understand their current market value, even if they have no immediate plans for a transaction.

Service Leadership brings unique experience to all stages and sides of the buy, sell and valuation process. Since 2000, the principals of Service Leadership have led or advised on more than 70 successful mergers and acquisitions/integrations of IT Services companies.

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