Become a Service Leadership Certified Coach, Consultant or Peer Group Facilitator

Service Leadership is the leading benchmark and Operational Maturity Level (OML) best practices provider to IT solution providers (TSPs) worldwide. Consultants, coaches and peer group facilitators serving TSPs in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand leverage Service Leadership Index® (S-LI) Quarterly Benchmarking and SLIQ, the OML acceleration tool, to further enhance their impact on their clients' or members' success.

Now, you can join this elite group of Service Leadership certified coaches, consultants and peer group facilitators to help your clients and members improve their own businesses even more quickly and effectively.

By having this certification you will amplify your unique value in the marketplace and scale your business even more quickly.

What You Will Gain

  • Increased ability to scale and an enhanced consistency of client or member experience across a larger team of coaches, facilitators or consultants.
  • Even greater depth, richness and effectiveness of the advice and guidance you give, as you will have even better insight into their performance and management methods.
  • Objective, data-driven and actionable perspectives on your client's and member's business performance and methods like you've never had before. In addition, you'll have the whole array of Service Leadership best practices Assets to build on.
  • Use of the gold standard for TSP performance measurement: the Service Leadership Index®.

Two Service Leadership Certified Programs

Become the one your clients or members go to for advice and guidance. When you become certified in the Service Leadership tools – Service Leadership Index Benchmarking and/or SLIQ, you can address their two key questions:

Your clients or members ask:"How am I performing?"
Service Leadership Index Benchmarking

How are they doing compared to the Best-in-Class in their business model (MSP, VAR, etc.)?

Become certified in the industry-leading Service Leadership Index (S-LI). Compare your client or member's company performance against the Best-in-Class in their business model across 80+ metrics using the confidential, detailed report only found in the S-LI benchmarking web app.

Program Description

Led by a Master Certified S-LI coach, this four-week program includes live and pre-recorded video lectures, and hands-on assignment and test.

By the end of the training program, you will be able to perform an analysis of a company's financial performance. Armed with this knowledge, you can provide your client or member with an objective and data-based perspective of their business.

Cost: $1,000 for S-LI Benchmarking certification only. $1,750 for both S-LI Benchmarking and SLIQ certification.

Your clients or members ask:"How can I do better, faster?"
SLIQ Operational Maturity Level Acceleration Consulting

How do their management methods compare to the top performers in their specific business model? And how can they evolve to be more like those top performers?

Become certified in the industry leading SLIQ OML acceleration consulting tool. SLIQ uses a company's specific inputs to determine their OML, then creates a customized Action Plan to help them achieve greater operational maturity and profitability.

Program Description

Led by a Master Certified SLIQ coach, this six-week program includes live and pre-recorded video lectures, and four hands-on assignments and tests.

By the end of the training program, you will be able to assess their management methods based on their OML score and provide recommendations on what to focus on first. Create a Value Creation Strategy using a SLIQ tool to effectively plan and grow their business.

Prerequisite: Must be certified in S-LI benchmarking.

Cost: $1,000 for SLIQ certification only. $1,750 for both SLIQ and S-LI Benchmarking certification.

Coaching on Your Business Model – Your Way

To be eligible to attain either or both certifications, you'll meet with a Service Leadership Senior Advisor to discuss your business model and plan to add one or both valuable Service Leadership resources to it. Together, you may discuss your current pricing model, best practices for adjusting it to include the Service Leadership resources profitably for you, and your go-to-market strategy for your enhanced offerings.

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