Actionable Diagnostics

SLIQ starts by defining your firm’s Operational Maturity Level, derived from a series of 30-37 traits (depending on your Predominant Business Model) within the five functional areas of Strategy, Finance, Sales, Service, and Compensation. Advancing in these traits is the key to optimizing growth and profitability.

Performance Acceleration

SLIQ creates a detailed, prioritized progression plan specific to your firm to achieve greater operational maturity for better service quality and profitability. You then assign actions to your team and hold them accountable by re-assessing your OML and receiving an updated action plan to get to the next level, and on your way to Best-in-Class!

Prescriptive Best Practices

SLIQ guides you through the process, delivering precisely timed best-practices via tools, videos, white papers, how-to documents and templates—as well as on-going live, monthly webinars open to your questions—all from the experts at Service Leadership. This guided step-by-step approach is proven to deliver faster growth, higher profit and increased service quality in either a business-model acceleration or transformation.

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