Service Leadership Index® Benchmark Reports

The Service Leadership Index® is the largest scale, longest running and most accurate benchmark of Solution Provider financial performance, operational maturity and value creation, worldwide. Developed by SP/MSP executives who built their own partner companies up to $2bb in revenue, the Service Leadership Index® provides unequalled depth of insight and analysis to those companies seeking to maximize growth, profitability and stock value.

Since 2008, SP/MSPs in the Top Quartile of profitability (Best-in-Class) consistently earn about 2.6x higher bottom line profit percent than the Median Solution Providers, regardless of predominant business model, geography, segment or size.

Find out how you compare and how they do it, through the objective, confidential analysis provided in your individual, Service Leadership Index® benchmark report, or the exclusive Annual Solution Provider Industry Profitability Report or the Bi-Annual Solution Provider Industry Compensation Report.



SLIQ (adj. \slēk\), a powerful, cloud-based diagnostics and performance improvement tool, that provides IT Solution Provider executives with specific, prescriptive, step-by-step plans to increase growth, profit and service quality.

SLIQ identifies your Predominant Business Model and scores your firm's Operational Maturity Level on key management aspects of Strategy, Finance, Sales, Service and Compensation. SLIQ not only shows you how your firm’s operational methods today compare to Top (Best-in-Class) performers in your specific business model, but maps the fastest route to maximum profitability and guides your progress every step of the way.

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Resources for Accurate Benchmarking

Comparing results with Best-in-Class performers starts with using a uniform, detailed structure for measuring revenue, cost and profitability. This is easily achieved with the Normalized Solution Provider Chart of Accounts.

But not all Solution Providers are the same. Learn The What and Why of Operational Maturity Levels and how identifying your Predominant Business Model enables accurate comparisons of financial performance and selection of suitable best practices to maximize the growth profit of your company.


Service Leadership Profitability Bundle

The Service Leadership Profitability Bundle provides a systematic approach to put you on the path to driving greater revenue, reducing costs, and incurring less risk. It all starts with asking two very simple, but powerful questions: How am I doing compared to my peers? And how can I do better? This exclusive bundle gives you the tools you need to answer those questions, which can be the catalyst to transforming your business.

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