“M&A” stands for “Mergers & Acquisitions,” but in many cases prospective Buyers and Sellers pass right over “Mergers” and move inexorably to “Acquisitions.” Service Leadership has often counseled that both, in the right circumstances, are equally valid approaches, and that merging, indeed, can prove more advantageous to the right group of like-minded Managed Services Provider (MSP) owners.

Service Leadership welcomes the opportunity to discuss the prospects of a group self-merger with interested owners and executives of MSPs worldwide.

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Buy an IT Solutions Company

Acquiring an IT Solutions company is one of the most impactful - and risky - ways to grow your company. Done correctly, you can add profitable revenue, gain new customers for cross-selling your own services, and bring in valuable new capabilities and people. But it's often a "bet-your-company" proposition.

Service Leadership - unlike most M&A advisors - brings unique operational executive experience to all phases. Service Leadership’s unparalleled reputation and visibility in the industry gives us the unique capability to pinpoint and reach ideal prospective sellers. Since 2000, the principals of Service Leadership have led or advised on more than 70 successful mergers and acquisitions/integrations of IT Services companies.

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Sell Your IT Solutions Company

Service Leadership has advised on dozens of IT Solutions and Services company transactions, many of them on the buy-side. For sellers—or those seeking valuations—this means we know how to best substantiate a desirable valuation in the buyer's terms, and architect the optimal deal.

We also know how to identify the right buyers and talk with them in their own terms, as owners, investors and managers of IT Solutions and Services companies. So, unlike most M&A advisors, we can help the buyer feel comfortable with their buying decision, removing perceived risk and thereby justifying a price with less risk-adjustment.

Lastly, our proprietary BestProspects database of tens of thousands IT Services companies enables us to promptly identify companies who are seeking, or open to, acquisition and who fit the ideal buyer profile in terms of valuation, culture and exit strategy.


Get A Valuation

Solution Provider owners need to estimate the value of their firm from time-to-time for various strategic reasons: the entry or exit of a principal, potential buy or sell opportunities, establishment of employee incentive plans, efforts to raise debt or capital, and so on.

If the time has come to realize shareholder value or to make strategic decisions that require understanding the current value of the company, Service Leadership can provide an objective valuing of your SP/MSP firm based on current Service Leadership Index® market intelligence.


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