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Growing your Solution Provider company to Best-in-Class performance may require learning many new skills and will definitely require a trusted sounding board to navigate the obstacles.

Service Leadership Index® OML Progression Peer Groups are accountability driven and require serious commitment. Each quarter members focus on specific operational maturity goals and report the steps taken, challenges faced and success achieved.

The Top (Best-in-Class) Solution Providers in each business model and in all geographies, earn about 3x the bottom line profit percent (EBITDA %) of their Median peers, regardless of size, age, owner compensation, client profile or vendor selections. That is 3x the cash flow and 3x the stock value, doing essentially the same things for the same client profiles, in every geography. All SP owners should and can perform at this level.

  • Membership Profile
    • Confidential Group Membership from non-competing geographies, similar business models
    • Owner/C-Level Participation—2 executives from each company participate
  • Meetings
    • Professional Facilitation by Service Leadership Senior Advisors who are successful former executives
    • Face-to-Face Meetings—3 per year (1.5 days each) facilitated by Service Leadership Senior Advisor
    • Virtual Meetings—1 per year (3-hour web meeting) facilitated by Service Leadership Senior Advisor
    • Group Dinners at each quarterly meeting
  • Tools
    • Service Leadership Index® Quarterly Report Book with individual written comments and advice by Service Leadership, plus individual/group/industry/Best-in-Class comparables
    • SLIQ Operational Maturity Level Progression Tool with five (5) seats included
    • Best-in-Class-o-Meter (most PBMs)—Interactive Profit Improvement Tool
  • Agenda
    • Group Review of Financial Results facilitated and commented by Service Leadership Senior Advisor
    • Roundtable Topic Discussions—challenges, strategies, tactics for member issues resolution
    • Quarterly Goal-Setting and Review—accountability to progress and results
    • Best Practices Education Sessions—best practices content presented by Service Leadership as requested
  • Bonus
    • Service Leadership Index® Annual Solution Provider Industry Profitability Report—included at no charge

Confidential Quarterly Benchmarking

Best Practices App (5 seats) 37 Best Practice Traits

1-Year Commitment

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