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Section Description
License Agreement and Glossary What you’re agreeing to by using this report. And a dictionary of terms we use in it.
About the Service Leadership Index® The SP industry’s most accurate, detailed, longest-running and most actionable benchmark.
Predominant Business Models (PBMs) Making benchmarks relevant; identifying true best practices.
Value Creation Strategy Pay-Offs Approximate Stock Value – Which SP business models drove the greatest increases in stock value over the last five years?
Special Section – Looking Ahead

Managing Risk and Driving Growth - What are MSP growth and profit budgets for 2019, what’s been their budget attainment, contract win and termination rate, and what are their marketing budgets for 2019? What are recession best practices?

  • Recession Contingency Planning
  • Solution Provider Budgets for 2019
  • MSP Contract Win Performance
  • MSP Marketing Spend & Production
SP Profitability Over Time How have SPs performed financially, from 2008 through 2018, by PBM?
SP Operational Maturity Levels (OMLs) How do the SPs in the top quartile of profitability attain their results, and do so with consistency?
Profit Volatility by PBM Is profit volatility higher for some PBMs than others? How well do the top profit firms reduce volatility?
Vendor Influence on Product-Resale Profitability What is the influence of vendor back-end dollars on SP profitability, by PBM?
Self-Diagnostics: Detailed Income Statements Gross Margin by line of business, and sales, marketing, general and administrative costs in top, median and bottom quartile profitability firms by PBM.
Resources for Optimizing Financial Performance and Stock Value From Service Leadership, for attaining top quartile profitability and growth.