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License Agreement License agreement
About the Service Leadership Index® The SP industry's most accurate, detailed, longest-running and most actionable benchmark
Identifying MSPs and Their Financial Performance Predominant Business Models overview and profitability of MSPs
Survey Demographics Context of the report
Overall Sentiment Overview of Managed Services as a business
Impact of Cloud How cloud has impacted MSP's business
Disintermediation by Vendors What MSPs thinks about cloud vendors' efforts to bypass the channel
Impact of Internet of Things How much impact Internet of Things (IoT) will have on a MSP
Back-End Services (Master MSPs) How likely MSPs will use back-end services
Tools and Vendors What are MSPs business operating tools and how do they work with tool vendors
Importance of Relationships, by Vendor MSPs relationship with vendors
Offerings: Growth and Pricing What are the most common MSP offerings
Risks to the Business MSPs perceived risks to their business
Strategy: Mergers and Acquisitions What is the likelihood of an MSP buying and/or selling their company
Revenue Growth Expectations MSPs revenue growth expectations this year, three years and five years
Vertical Market as a Factor Vertical market by accounts, growth and revenue
Respondent and MSP Age as Factors MSPs age as it relates to their business
Country as a Factor MSPs revenue growth by country
Size as a Factor How MSPs buy/start a Managed Services business based on business size
Closing Thoughts Service Leadership's final thoughts on the report
Intellectual Property Statement Intellectual property statement