Table of Contents

Section Description
What's Different About This Report Participants are all MSPs and segmented the results by management skill
License Agreement and Glossary What you’re agreeing to by using this report. And a dictionary of terms we use in it.
About the Service Leadership Index® The SP industry's most accurate, detailed, longest-running and most actionable benchmark
Identifying MSPs and Their Financial Performance Predominant Business Models overview and profitability of MSPs
How to Read These Charts Overview of the charts in the report
Overall MSP Sentiment Overview of Managed Services as a business
Impact of Cloud, IoT and Security The influence cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and security will have on a MSP
Master MSP and MSSP Usage Use of Master MSP and MSSP resources
External Marketing, Sales and Admin Resources Effectiveness of Marketing and Sales, and Administrative scalability
MSP Financing and aaS (as a Service) Offerings Importance MSPs are putting on their relationship with their sources of funding
Intentions: Operating Tools Likelihood of changing tool vendors
Intentions: Vendor Relationships Future importance of specific vendor relationships
Offerings and Pricing What are the most common MSP offerings
Risks to the Business MSPs perceived risks to their business
Mergers and Acquisitions What is the likelihood of an MSP buying and/or selling their company
Growth Expectations MSPs Revenue growth expectations this year, three years and five years
Demographic Analysis Participant populations
Resources for Optimizing Financial Performance and Stock Value From Service Leadership, for attaining top quartile profitability and growth
Intellectual Property Statement Intellectual property statement