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Section Contents
License Agreement License agreement
About This Report Welcome and about this report
Key Definitions and Charts How to read this report
Making Benchmarks Actionable: Predominant Business Models Making benchmark actionable
Survey Demographics Context of the report
The State of TSP Compensation Executive summary of TSP compensation
Headcount Ratios By PBM, department, company size, and profitability
TAE and Job Experience Relationship between compensation and job experience
Incentive Compensation Best Practices How top performer's structure incentive compensation
Incentive Compensation Levels Incentive compensation by PBM, department, company size, and profitability
TAE and Variable Pay Distribution by Department Relationship between compensation and variable pay distribution by department
Hourly Bill Rates and Multiple of Wages Different charge rates
2022 TAE % Increases and Budgeted 2023 TAE % Increases 2022 vs 2023 TAE % increases
Compensation by Practice/Department Compensation tables by Practice/Department:
  • Application Development Practice - US Only
  • General and Administration Department
  • Infrastructure Practice
  • Managed Services Practice
Sales and Marketing Department Details, trends and comparisons
Owner/Principal Compensation Details, trends and comparisons
Additional Compensation Resources More resources for setting compensation plans
Glossary Terms used in the report
Appendix: Tables by Geography Compensation tables for APAC, Canada, EMEA, and US