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Evaluate Your Financial Performance Each Quarter

For sustained progress, accountability and actionable insight, this confidential benchmark report examines the 17 critical metrics of the annual Fundamentals Diagnostic Report, and adds more than 60 key metrics for deep dive analysis and action. The Report also includes a basic Operational Maturity Level© assessment. Each quarter, members are benchmarked against:

  • Their own previous quarters and year/year
  • Industry average (across all Solution Provider business models)
  • Best-in-Class (those in the top quartile of profitability in the member’s same specific Solution Provider business model)
  • Average of your current peer group (if you are in a group)
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Sample Quarterly Benchmarking Charts

Revenue by Line of Business

Gross Margin Dollars and Percent by Line of Business vs. Best-in-Class

Sales, General & Admin Dollars and Percent vs. Best-in-Class

EBITDA and Adjusted EBITDA Profitability vs. Best-in-Class

Five Year Financial and Value Creation Performance

Over 75 Vital, Deep Dive, Actionable Metrics Compared Quarterly to Best-in-Class


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